Who loves cruises and excursions often needs to know how to save some money

Almost all the cruise companies offer shore excursions which can be quite expensive, but with a little planning, for example renting a car on the internet prior to departure or arranging a private shore excursion for all of the family, you can save money and enjoy an unforgottable day.

This is just one of the many ideas that will allow you to enjoy a cruise trip without spending too much, especially when you’re in group or you are on holiday with your family. Surely, the journey has to be pleasant and comfortable, but you can still save some money.

In this post, we’ll offer you some tips to choose the right way without lose anything, but also without waste a penny. Cruise passengers, for example, often discover once the journey has begun that beverages are not included, or that not all the restaurants on board are free. So, the first tip is to read carefully all the terms and conditions for this kind of trip, to immediately discover which activities are free and which are not.

Contact a travel agent can be useful, but you can also search the web in order to find who have chosen this type of cruise before, and what he or she thinks about.

You always have to ask yourself how much the whole travel will cost. Leave the enthusiasm aside, and try to understand all the costs of the holiday, making a list of the expenses like port taxes, tips, meals and excursions.

If you don’t find anything on the internet, it is advisable to call the customer service of the company and ask all the explanations.

Another aspect to consider is a comprehensive travel insurance in order to reduce the risks due to adverse weather conditions or for problems with the ship.

Another tip? Try to find out what is the best time to book a cruise according to the chosen destination: you can save money by choosing to travel in low season, for example, from October to February, Christmas excluded.

A smart way to reduce costs is to avoid the excursions that the staff will try to propose you: they are expensive and often will force you to visit places that you don’t want. For this reason, choose a do-it-yourself shore excursion picking only the things that you really care about.

Once the holiday has begun, a good idea is to track the expenses writing them down somewhere. You can use an app for smartphone or tablet, or simply a sheet of paper and a pen. Another trick is related to the method of payment: cash allow you to spend less than the credit card or debit cards.

You should also set a daily budget, and if one day you will not spend all that you planned, you can use the remaining budget for the following day.

Finally, you must consider the costs for internet and phone calls. If you are planning an holiday cruise, think about it, perhaps by entering into a tariff plan that best suits your needs.

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