Ultimate Travel Guide to Hawaii

The natural beauty in Hawaii is brimming.  Situated at the heart of the Pacific, this island has been adorned with volcanic cliffs and world-renowned sand beaches.    With its mild temperature and the great shower of sunshine, Hawaii has transformed into an all-season travel destination.  From the natural beauty that you can find in the Big Island and Kauai to the luxurious resorts found in Maui, the things to see in Hawaii caters all types of travellers.  Even the lesser developed areas are attracting tourists due to the rich cultural heritage.

Average Cost of Your Hawaii Vacation

Accommodation in Hawaii can range from premium hotels that cost $175 per night which can increase exponentially to $60 on small hotels that provide basic accommodation.  There are cheaper forms of accommodation at the hostels that amounts to $30 each night.

When it comes to the food, the average cost of food is a bit higher since most of the ingredients are being imported.  Common food options will cost between the ranges of $7-$12; it can include local meals, sandwiches, and Mexican food.    Food trucks in Oahu will charge you with $5-$10.  Fast foods will cost at about $6, and the restaurant meal will charge $15 per meal.  Formal restaurants will have a price tag of $20 for the entrée only.  Buffet all over the island has an average price of $25.  It would be a lot cheaper if you can cook your own meal.  A one-week grocery will cost only $80-$100.

In order to get to Hawaii, you will need to fly. Luckily, cheap flights to Hawaii are easy than ever to find, with a lot of great deals to be found. The preferred form of transportation in Hawaii would be the ferry.  The Passenger Ferry will run from Lanai to Maui which leaves regularly every 2 to 4 hours.  It will charge $30 for the adults and only $20 for the kids. Renting a car would be a better choice to explore the island.  The average cost of renting a compact car is about $70, renting convertible or jeep can cost $130.

How to Save Money during Your Travel

The best thing that you can do to save on your travel expenses is to travel during off-season.  Travelling off-season can cut your accommodation expenses significantly.  There are also discounts that you can found online.  Living Social and Group on are some of the social sites that can provide you with amazing travel discounts.  Also, do not ignore the pamphlets that are being given at the local tourist office and airports, they normally come with discount coupons.  For those who want to do weekly grocery, you can even save huge money when you choose the discount groceries such as Big Save or Don Quijote.

Hawaii is known as the tropical paradise of America.  It has all the amazing things that it can offer to different travellers; from the natural beauty of the Honolulu to the grandiose wonders of Maui.  But to make this travel memorable and exciting and to help you plan your travel itinerary, remember the tips that we provided above.

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