The historic capital of the United States – Albuquerque

If you want to visit New Mexico, it is important to find Albuquerque and to enjoy its amazing attractions. It is a historical landmark, a city that contains old and new part of town and multi-cultural natives. There were many cultures that shaped this particular town such as Spanish and Native American combination which means that it is completely different than other states and towns. We decided to present you places that you should visit when you are in Albuquerque:

  1. Old Town

It has more than 300 years, and it is made with a combination of Spanish and Native American cultures that shaped the architecture. The original settlement was in 1706. It contains central plaza, cobblestone streets that are filled with beautiful huts and house galleries, souvenir shops, and restaurants. In this part of town, you can see Church of San Felipe de Neri, which is the oldest building in Albuquerque.

  1. International Balloon Fiesta

Albuquerque is the perfect place for hot air ballooning because of the dry climate. During the first week of October, thousand flocks experience this Fiesta. For a full week, you can see thousands of colored balloons that are launched from Balloon Fiesta Park that is based on the northern side of Albuquerque. You will enjoy if you are the first time there because before sunrise you will enjoy in illuminated balloons during the shiny night sky. If you want to leave your belongings in a safe place, choose cheap self-storage Albuquerque and you will be amazed at its services.

  1. ABQ BioPark

If you head southeast of Old Town you will reach the Rio Grande River. Next, to it, there is ABQ BioPark, which is perfect for relaxing day that you want to spend outdoors. You have to see it in order to understand its beauty. This massive park is the home of a botanic garden, aquarium, Tingley Beach and finally amazing zoo. The aquarium is a great hit because it contains shark tank, and zoo contains more than 200 species that will keep your attention. If you are interested in the animal kingdom, you should spend a day exploring botanic garden that contains numerous plants and exotic species that is perfectly manicured by walking paths. It is great to hike, fish or bike at Tingley Beach if you visit during the summer.

  1. Church of San Felipe de Neri

If you have visited the Old Town’s plaza, next to it you can see amazing Church of San Felipe de Neri that was founded in 1706. It is the first Catholic Church in Albuquerque. It is finished in 1793 because the original building collapsed, and it expanded for centuries. Now it includes a school, a convent, and a rectory. You will be able to visit a museum with religious art and different artifacts that was the part of original church walls.


Albuquerque is the ideal place for visiting in every part of the year because it has consistent and dry weather, which is perfect for sightseeing and relaxing from the big cities and work. When you decide to go with your loved ones, you should visit all these attractions because only then you can say that you have seen the soul of Albuquerque.

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