Luxury resort holiday in Bali

Bali is a very beautiful place and there are certain beautiful resorts and villas which are perfect to spend precious time. The best villas in Bali with private pool are as follow:-

  1. Villas of Paradise Lost

This is a very paramount set of villas in Bali, which are available at the reasonable prices of forty-five dollars for a night. The villas have the interiors matching the Mediterranean concepts. The villas are built on a hill and it faces the Tanjung Benoa. The villas are located in the Jimbaran area. The rooms of this villa are very beautiful and the views are panoramic. They can watch it directly from their living rooms through high windows.


  1. Villa of Taman Sari in Bali

This villa is a place for all those tourists who are art lovers and have the fascination towards interiors which have the touch of beauty within them. This villa has got its own private pool where you and your loved ones can spend perfect time. The modern furnishings and the touch of Zen in its walls and decorations will appeal you a lot. The reasonable pricing is seventy-three dollars per night. The pools are stoned with sculptures and other artifacts which add the coolness to the area.

  1. Villa of Zoe

This villa is absolutely a family place to stay. The warm and coziness of this villa is the most attractive feature. There is a Berawa beach around one kilometer away from this villa. There is a private pool inside the villa which is an enhancing factor. The decorative feature and the tasteful ambiance are always complimentary. The options available in this villa are multiple; people can watch the satellite television and even enjoy the DVD player.

  1. Villa of Pandan Tree

This villa has the touch of the natural beauty in it. The private pool along with the natural ambiance this villa is a very good place to spend time with family and love. There are great eating places in Canggu. The place is best for two people as well as for the families who want to enjoy some priceless time.

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