Glossary of Auto Transport Terms


A uniquely composed multi-level rail auto used to transport vehicles. Autoracks have a few decks, can convey up to 20 vehicles and have metal side boards and end ways to ensure autos while in travel. Bi-level or twofold deck Autoracks more often than not transport trucks and vast SUV’s, while tri-level or triple deck Autoracks typically transport traveler autos. A devoted train with 70 Autoracks is equipped for transporting more than 1,000 vehicles at one time.

Auto Transport

Moving or sending cars as cargo. Auto shippers are emphatically urged to search out trustworthy, completely protected, fiscally solid auto haulers. Another era of brilliant, client centered auto transport organizations are making across the country transport more advantageous and reasonable than any time in recent memory.


Alludes to the auto hauler’s chance to get a second heap of vehicles near the goal where they conveyed their first load; i.e., coming back to the beginning of the principal load. A to B, then B to A.

Bi-Level Rail Car

A kind of rail auto utilized for auto transport, called a bi-level since it has two decks, an upper and a lower. Bi-level limit is between 8 – 12 vehicles. They are frequently used to transport vans, pickups and SUVs, or traveler vehicles that have radio reception apparatuses or higher profiles that avoid them from fitting on a tri-level rail auto.

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