A short trip guide for Albania

There are many places which are not visited by people when it comes to. They are still some countries that have not come into limelight. One of those countries is Albania, and it is the most beautiful country with untouched beauty. It is situated between three major countries’ boarder. However, there are so many things that Albania has hidden, if you are planning on Albania trip, then you are taking the best decision of your life. You are going to love every second of your trip to Albania. There are so many places where you should visit. You can enjoy at the Albania beaches resort and go for adventure sports also.

Here is a list of top cities in Albania where you should visit.



Tirana is the capital city and also one of the most famous cities where you should visit during your Albania holidays. It’s a perfect balance of old history and modern world. It is an economic city for many business companies and hub of institutions. But still, it holds its charm and different things that make you curious to know more about the city. There are so many cultural facilities, buildings, hotels, and center parks that will make your holiday memorable. Not only that but the people of Albania are friendly that will help you a lot.


It is constructed as castle on Albania hills, found in center at river Osum. You can see various original castles of ancient times like kalaja, if you like to visit churches and mosques, then this trip is worth for you. You will also notice a specialty about beret and that is the windows of the house. There are big or you can say huge windows in every house. It’s a great place for a great day trip.

Albanian Riviera

It located in the south and west area of Albania. There are so many things that you can do in Albanian Riviera like if you love to spend your time alone and in quite place , then you should consider this place. The beaches are lonely and quite. You can enjoy your sunbath or you can do swimming in clean and crystal clear water. There are thousands of places for travelers like coastal areas and resorts, which can make you fall in love.


It’s the largest city that you will find in Albania and also the cultural capital city. You can enjoy different events, feasting; market that the city held’s throughout the year. You will find lots of things that will keep you attracted toward the Durres.


This city is located in the southern part of the country that has been a culture heritage site as stated by UNESCO. The main attraction behind the Gjirokastra is a city of great architecture with stylish buildings and monuments. The designs that used are known as Balkan architecture style that is used in the castles. Also, the stones are controlling the temperature and it also an attraction part of Albania today. You will also get various torture, religious places and museums.

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